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There comes a point in every driver’s life when it’s time to upgrade. Thanks to AcceleRide®, we make it easier than ever to trade in your car and help you find your next one.

No matter what your current vehicle’s age or condition, our trade-in experts can secure a fair offer you can put toward the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams.

Check out this brief guide to discover how our trade-in online tool helps create smiles for miles!

Trade-In Car for New Car

What Makes AcceleRide® the Right Choice?

Trading in your car should be a simple and straightforward process. On top of that, we’re committed to helping you do it when it suits you. With our app, you can receive an offer within minutes. You can also simultaneously browse the best vehicles in your area.

Use your laptop or smartphone to browse our massive selection of vehicles from nearly every major automaker. Do you want to take a closer look? You can quickly schedule a test drive at one of our local dealerships.

Once you find your next ride, simply submit your trade-in application, and our team will provide a fair market offer within minutes. You’re even able to complete the financing process 100 percent online.

Need time to think things over? No problem! Your trade-in offer is good for up to seven days or 250 additional miles. Once you’re ready to officially make a trade, decide whether to swap your ride at the dealership or have us deliver your new car to you!

5-Day/250-Mile Money Back Guarantee*

To prove our commitment to providing the best way to buy/trade in your car online, we back everything with a 5-Day/250-Mile Money Back Guarantee*. Now you can enjoy extra peace of mind, knowing you can easily find the car, truck, or SUV which perfectly matches your lifestyle and needs.


How Do I Trade in My Car for a New Car?

Download our handy app and click the “Buy a Ride” option to officially start the process. We’ll ask you to create a personal account so you can save your information, gather quotes, and complete the process at your own pace.

Once you settle on the perfect make and model, pick whether you want to finance, lease, or pay cash. Finally, click the Express Trade® button and follow these simple steps to receive your firm offer:

1. Enter Your Vehicle’s Info

Provide your license plate number or VIN (vehicle identification number). You’ll also need to provide the most recent odometer reading. This helps our trade-in experts identify your trade-in vehicle from our nationwide database.

2. Upload a Few Photos

To secure the most accurate trade-in offer, upload eight high-quality photos. Please remove all personal items and avoid using any special filters or editing software.

3. Fill Out a Questionnaire

Has your car undergone any major alterations or repairs? Are you still making payments on the vehicle? Tell us the details about your current vehicle to help us secure the most accurate trade-in price.

Within minutes, you’ll receive an official offer you can apply to the final deal!

Trade in Car for New Car Today!

At AcceleRide®, we’re ready to help you make the transition into your next car, truck, or SUV. Take the first step by downloading our mobile app or creating your own online account today!


*Not available in California or Louisiana.

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