Sell a Car Online Waltham MA

Sell a Car Online

Are you thinking about putting your unwanted vehicle to good use? Do you want access to a super simple trade-in or selling process? At AcceleRide®, we’ve made selling and trading in your car online a breeze with our straightforward website and step-by-step instructions.

Keep reading to learn more about our process and why we love servicing residents near Waltham, Massachusetts.

About Waltham, MA

There’s a reason why we love working near the Waltham, MA, neighborhood.  If you’re just visiting, there’s so much to do in this charming town. You can go for a stroll and take in the city skyline at Prospect Hill Park.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, check out the local favorite Mighty Squirrel. Enjoy their brews accompanied by a variety of soups, sandwiches and more.

For the musically gifted, check out Main Street Music for a variety of musical instruments. If you’re a fan of comic books, The Outer Limits is the perfect place to find comics, collectables, and small toys.

Upgrading your vehicle should be just as easy as selling, which is why we’ve designed our selling/trade in process to be accessible to all residents near Waltham, Massachusetts.

Get an Offer

First thing’s first: Let’s get you an offer. You’ll be directed to fill out a form with information about your car’s make, model, year, and condition.

This form takes only a few minutes to complete and will cover all the things we’ll need to know when drawing up your offer. You’ll have the option of sending in photos of your vehicle so we can get a better idea of its current condition.

Using our tool, you can upload pictures like:

  • Your driver’s side
  • Your dashboard
  • The interior
  • Tire condition

Other factors we consider in valuing your car are its mileage, trim, engine type, exterior color, transmission, and much more.

Once you’ve completed this form, you’ll receive an instant offer for your vehicle.

Schedule an Inspection

Once you’ve received the offer, we’ll schedule your vehicle for an inspection. During this quick inspection, our car experts will double-check your car’s condition and transfer the title.

When you drop off the vehicle for its inspection, be sure to have handy your important documents, like a valid state-issued ID, registration, and the title.

Once the car has passed inspection, you’ll hand over all copies of its keys and move on to your very last step.

Receive Your Payment

Online BuyingCongratulations! It’s time for your payment. Depending on whether you’re looking to trade in for another vehicle or selling for some cash, this step will be a bit different.

If you’re selling, you’ll receive a check with the offer amount and are free to go once you’ve dropped off your car to one of our representatives. If you’re trading in, the offer will be calculated in your payment plans for your next vehicle.

Start Selling Your Car near Waltham, MA, Today!

Now that you have an idea of how to sell your car using our website, it’s time to get started on your deal. Simply click through our resources and allow us to handle your unwanted vehicle.

We love working with folks living near Waltham, MA, so reach out to us and start the process today!


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