Sell a Car Online Lubbock TX

Sell a Car Online Lubbock TX

Have your kids outgrown the family sedan? Perhaps that old pickup is starting to take up too much space in the garage? Whatever your situation, AcceleRide® offers a convenient way to sell a car online near Lubbock, TX.

It’s fast and accurate, so you can receive a fair offer in minutes. The best part? Thanks to our local network of dealerships, you can even arrange to have your old car picked up from your home!

Come discover a better way to sell, shop, and buy vehicles 100 percent online before downloading our mobile app.

Sell a Car Online

Why Sell a Car Online?

If you’ve ever attempted to sell your car the old way, you know the process involved. From posting to multiple auction sites, haggling with interested buyers, to filling out heaps of paperwork, it can often take weeks or even months to sell your vehicle.

With our unique platform, you can receive a firm, fair market offer within minutes! Our experts utilize real-market data, so you’ll receive the most accurate price for your vehicle. No matter its age, make, or mileage, you can feel confident about getting the right deal for your vehicle.

Do you still want to shop around? Go right ahead! Once you receive your offer, take up to seven days or 250 additional miles to decide.  Once you’re ready to seal the deal, simply contact a member of our team who’ll help you take the next step.

What Happens if I Owe More on My Loan Than the Appraisal Amount?

In some cases, you might be in a position where your car is “underwater.” This happens when the value of your car is less than you still owe.

If this applies to your vehicle, there are a couple things you can do: provide the dealership with certified funds for the difference or roll over your vehicle’s loan balance into the purchase of another vehicle.

As one of the largest providers of new, used, and certified vehicles around Lubbock, TX, we help thousands of local drivers find driving freedom. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team right away.

How to Sell Your Car Online

Selling a car has never been easier for Lubbock, TX, drivers thanks to our online services. All you need is a smartphone or laptop. Once you create your own account, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Tell Us About Your Car: Tell us the VIN (vehicle identification number) of your ride and then answer a few quick questions about its condition. We’ll then ask you to upload a few recent pictures of the interior and exterior.
  2. Receive Your Offer: After reviewing your vehicle’s application, an expert will provide a firm offer and answer any questions you might have.
  3. Schedule Inspection: If you accept our offer, we’ll set up a time to inspect your ride at one of our local dealerships near Lubbock, TX.
  4. Transfer the Title: Following the results of the inspection, we’ll draft the paperwork to transfer your car’s title to us. Our finance pros can even help arrange a payoff in the event you’re still making payments on your vehicle.
  5. Cash Check: We’ll drive off with your car and you’ll have a check in hand. For convenience, we also can provide an electronic payment powered by Zelle.

If you have any questions along the way, you can always chat with a knowledgeable member of our team. We want this to be a positive experience for you, so we’ll gladly assist you in any way we can.

Online Car Shopping

Find Your Next Ride

After you sell your car online, you may be looking for a new vehicle to hit the streets of Lubbock, TX. If so, you’ll be happy to learn you can also buy your vehicle entirely online with us.

This process also only takes a few quick and easy steps:

Shop through our options. With thousands of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, our app puts you in touch with the perfect new ride. No in-person visit required.

Select your car. Schedule a test drive or complete everything online. You have 100 percent control over the process.

Build your payment plan. We’ll help you secure terms which fit your lifestyle and budget. You can even factor your trade-in by using our Express Trade™ feature.

Schedule delivery. Imagine waking up to a brand-new car, truck, or SUV sitting in your driveway!

Serving Lubbock Texas

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With so much to see and do in Lubbock, TX, we’re sure your family wants to make selling your old car as simple as possible, so do it entirely online today.

Sell a Car Online near Lubbock TX Today!

AcceleRide® was established to make your life easier. We want to fit into your schedule the best we can, so every step of selling a car online is designed to fit into your specific Lubbock, Texas, lifestyle. Get started with us today. Contact us with questions!

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