Sell a Car Online Hollywood FL

Sell a Car Online

Are you looking for an easier way to sell a car online near Hollywood, FL? If so, we’re here to show you why AcceleRide® is the perfect solution.

Not only does our platform connect you with some of the most trusted dealerships throughout South Florida, but it also makes the entire selling process both easy and secure.

Read on to discover how we can help you secure the right payment for your used car. Afterward, download our mobile app to receive your offer today!

Sell Your Car Online With AcceleRide®

Remember the old days before you could sell a car 100 percent online? From posting to different sites to waiting on the right buyer, you could spend months before making a deal.

Now, thanks to AcceleRide®, you can receive a firm offer in less than 30 minutes! All you need is a smartphone with a working camera and about five to seven minutes! Let’s break down the selling process into four steps:

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Download our mobile app before creating your own personal account. This will help you save your progress and keep your important files in one place. Next, click the “Sell A Ride” option to officially begin the process.

Next, enter your vehicle’s license plate number or VIN (vehicle identification number). This helps us quickly identify your vehicle and verify you’re the legal owner.  Confirm the year, make, and model before plugging in your vehicle’s most recent odometer reading.

Step 2: Make it Camera Ready

We’ll then prompt you to upload eight high-quality photos of your car. For the most accurate appraisal, we recommend you avoid using any special filters or editing software. You should also remove any personal items from the cabin and cargo area.

Finally, confirm its standard features and any major alterations before choosing, “I’m Ready. Get My Offer.”

Step 3: Receive Your Offer

Within 30 minutes, one of our friendly experts will be in touch to confirm your vehicle’s info and present your fair-market quote.

Step 4: Schedule an In-Person Inspection

To finish, schedule an in-person inspection at one of our affiliated dealerships near Hollywood, Florida. On the day of your visit, one of our trained service techs will give your vehicle a thorough examination.

During this time, we invite you to head over to our finance center. Our specialists are ready to help you transfer over the title and take care of the necessary paperwork.

By the end of your visit, you’ll have a scheduled payment and one less vehicle in your fleet! AcceleRide® can also send an electronic payment thanks to our partnership with Zelle.

Money Back Guarentee

Do I Have to Be the Registered Owner to Sell a Car Online?

Yes. To receive an official offer, you must provide proof that you’re the legal owner of the vehicle or the authorized agent.  If you’re trying to sell a company-owned vehicle, please provide documentation showing you’re the duly appointed officer.

Sell a Car Online near Hollywood FL Today

At AcceleRide®, we believe in creating smiles for miles. To take the next step, download our easy-to-follow mobile app. If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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