Acceleride Money Back Guarantee

Not available in California or Louisiana.

Money Back Guarantee

5-Day/250-Mile Money Back Guarantee*

Our 5-day, 250-mile Money Back Guarantee means you’re making a purchase you can be sure about. Not the right fit? Return with no questions asked.

*Not available in California or Louisiana.

Vehicle Return

Vehicle Return

Returning the vehicle to the same dealership where it was purchased is the responsibility of and at the expense of the customer. Vehicle must be in the same general condition, and returned within 5 days and 250 miles driven since the customer took delivery.

Trade In


Customer agrees to reimburse the dealership for payments made to any lien holder of the trade-in. The trade-in vehicle may not be available for return due to prior sale, repairs or reconditioning. In the event that we do not return your trade-in vehicle for any reason, you will be paid the agreed upon Trade-In Allowance shown on the Vehicle Buyer’s Order.



Any refunds due back are typically mailed within 2 weeks of your return date. Please note, if your financing included negative equity from your trade-in, you can either repay the negative equity or finance it with a different vehicle, subject to financing approval.

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