Why AcceleRide?

Get Paid In Minutes

Payment through Zelle in minutes or opt for a check

Competitive Offer

We will beat any major competitor’s offer, up to $500*

Take Your Time

Offer Valid 7 days or 250 additional miles

Live Bid

Receive a bid in under 30 minutes*


*See below for details.

We have a team of live experts who balance industry knowledge with current market data to appraise every vehicle. Our appraisal agents are available during business hours of 9am – 9pm CST, Monday – Saturday.
Submitting your used vehicle usually takes less than 10 minutes.
The better the photos, the more helpful it is for our appraisers to effectively evaluate your vehicle and provide you with the most accurate guaranteed appraisal as possible.
The offer is valid for 7 days or 250 miles beyond your vehicle’s current odometer reading, whichever comes first.
Yes, resubmitting your used vehicle is easy. It’s important to confirm the current odometer reading, update any condition information and provide updated photos if necessary. Once completed, you will receive an updated offer from our team.
Payments can be made through Zelle in minutes or you can opt for a check to be cut within one business day. Zelle payments available Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm CST.
Yes, you must be the registered vehicle owner or authorized agent. If it is a company-owned vehicle, you must be a duly appointed officer of the company and provide documentation.
If you own your vehicle outright but have lost/misplaced the title, you may apply for a duplicate title through your state’s motor vehicle registry.
You can provide the dealership with certified funds for the difference between your appraisal value and the balance of your auto loan (*payoff confirmation required). You may also qualify to rollover your vehicle’s loan balance into the purchase of another vehicle, if you choose to purchase from us.
Yes, the dealership can assist you with any additional paperwork you might need to process your leased vehicle.
We will beat any major competitor’s offer, up to $500. Must present formal written offer from major competitor/auto group up front and must pass inspection as represented by the customer.
Please provide a valid state issued ID, your vehicle’s registration & vehicle title (if you have it).
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