Car Trade-In Tips

Car Trade-in Tips

Has the time come to upgrade your current car, truck, or SUV into something new? At AcceleRide®, we make the process of trading in your car simple and most importantly, a real value. To help make sure our trade-in experts provide you with the best offer, check out these car trade-in tips before going through the trade-in process online with AcceleRide®.

What Does it Mean to Trade in a Car?

In simplest terms, a “trade-in” involves assessing the fair market value of your current car and then applying it toward the purchase of a new or used car. With AcceleRide®, this involves transforming your trade-in offer into a credit that’s applied to your future loan or lease.

Depending on the amount, your trade-in credit can help reduce your monthly payment. It also frees you from having to sell or maintain your old car. In some states, there are even tax advantages to trading in as opposed to selling your car outright.

6 Car Trade-in Tips

Are you ready to make a move and enjoy smiles for miles in a new car? There are a few things you can do before trading in your car with AcceleRide® to set yourself up for success, including:

Determine How Much You Still Owe

If your title is free and clear, skip ahead to the next car trade-in tip. If you’re still making payments, you’ll want first to determine how much you still owe. Contact your bank or lending agency and request the payoff amount. If you end up owing less than the trade-in value, you have positive equity.

This equity can bolster your down payment and potentially reduce the overall cost.

Gather Your Service Records

A trade-in with up-to-date service records can often secure a bigger quote than one with inconsistent maintenance. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, and brake repair all go a long way toward keeping your used car in tip-top shape.

Contact your service center tech who’ll be able to provide you with detailed records of your vehicle’s prior inspections, service, and any repairs. For a complete picture, you can also request a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. This objective, third-party report lists several important factors when it comes to valuing your trade, like:

  • Accident data
  • Service history
  • Ownership history
  • Open recall notifications
  • Types of use
Fix Any Scrapes
or Dings

If your used car has fewer than 50,000 miles on the odometer, consider having any minor body damage fixed before its official inspection. The same is true for any cracks or damage to the windshield or side windows.

You will also want to remove all personal items from the cabin and cargo area before giving the interior a proper cleaning. Upholstery stains or dirty carpets can often easily be remedied by a trip to the local car wash.

Research Your Trade-in Value

For a quick and accurate quote, use our online selling platform to get an up-front, fair offer for your vehicle. This offer will be for the true market value of your trade-in, which considers the model you drive, the mileage of the car, and the overall condition of the vehicle. You also can evaluate your specific make and model by using a trusted third-party site like or Kelley Blue Book®.


One of the key factors to determining the value of your car is the condition of the vehicle. It is important then to be realistic about the condition of your car when you are going through the trade-in process. While sentimentality is understandable, setting realistic expectations will make the process smoother.

That way when you do get your car inspected, you’ll know exactly what sort of offer to expect and can have that already built into your budget for the new car you want to buy.

Find the Right

Consider the timing of your trade-in. Certain times of the year or month may be better for getting a higher trade-in value. For example, the end of a fiscal quarter or year might be a good time to go through with your trade-in. You can also see what sort of specials are offered for the new ride you want, which could mean it is best to trade in your car now.

Of course, if you need to switch to that new ride as soon as possible, then the timing could be right to trade in your car with AcceleRide® as soon as possible.

Ready to Accept Your Trade-in Offer?

Once you have your car all set to sell, and have received your trade-in offer, then you’ll be ready to complete the transaction. That will include having the car inspected at your local dealership to verify its condition. Then once that is complete and your final trade-in offer is presented, you’ll be able to work with their team to finalize the paperwork. That way, you can transfer over the title quickly. After that, you’ll then have your trade-in credit and will be ready to shop for your new car!

You can even already have this part of the process completed by the time to bring your car to the dealership to complete your trade-in. That is because with AcceleRide®, you can view the various options available and build out the new payment plan you would like, which will include your trade-in offer.

Even plan to take a test drive in the new car you want when you visit to have your car inspected so you can be confident it is the right choice for you! Once everything is then all set, be sure to also contact your insurance provider to cancel the insurance coverage for the traded-in vehicle and to start your coverage for the new car you get.

Discover More Car Trade-in Tips with AcceleRide®

Are you ready to take the next step toward trading in your car, truck, or SUV? If so, get started now using AcceleRide® by getting an offer for your trade-in. With our philosophy of “Buy. Sell. Be Happy.”, you can quickly get to cruising around in that new car you want!

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