Can You Trade in a Car While Waiting for the Title?

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Looking to trade in your current ride but worried because you don’t have the title in hand? Well, set those worries aside because there are plenty of ways to prepare for your trade-in even while waiting for the title.

So, while you can’t actually trade in your car without the title, you aren’t entirely out of luck. Below, our team at AcceleRide® will break down everything you can do for your trade-in while you wait for the title. Feel free to contact us with any questions along the way!

1. Finding the Right Ride

While you wait to get the title of your current car, you can start researching the next ride you want. First, you can start by deciding whether you want to drive an efficient sedan, a comfortable SUV, or a powerful pickup truck. Then, you can determine which brand is right for you and which model has all the features and amenities you’re looking for.

2. Research Your Trade-in Value

Before you trade in your car, you’ll want to determine how much your ride is worth. Luckily, there are plenty of value your trade-in tools to help you do just that.

For a quick and convenient valuation process, you’ll want to check out our Express Trade® feature or a third-party tool, such as Kelley Blue Book® Value Your Trade. This will help you not only find out how much value you can look forward to, but it will also serve you well in the negotiation process.

3. Start Your Financing Process

In the meantime, you can kick-start the financing process by filling out a secure online application. This will get the ball rolling and help you get pre-approved for financing before you even trade in your current vehicle.

Then, once you get the title to your car, you can work with your local finance team to complete the remaining steps of the financing process.

4. Try to Boost Your Trade-in Value

Fortunately, there are also plenty of ways to improve your vehicle’s trade-in value while you wait for the title. First and foremost, you’ll likely want to have your car inspected by your local dealership’s service team. This will ensure your trade-in value doesn’t include any maintenance or repairs that your vehicle still needs. You’ll want to be careful, however, that you don’t go overboard with repairs since some dealers won’t compensate for that amount in the trade-in value.

As mentioned before, knowing the current market price of your trade-in can also ultimately help boost its overall value.

Finally, you’ll want to have all the documentation for the vehicle ready by the time you want to trade it in. This includes the title of the car as well as its maintenance record and any other notable history documents. An easy way to get this all together is by requesting a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report.

Get Ready for Your Trade-in With AcceleRide®!

While you may not have the title to your trade-in just yet, clearly, there’s still plenty you can do to move forward with your overall trade-in process.

For more tips and tricks about what to do while you wait for the title to your trade-in, the team at AcceleRide® is always here to help! Contact us today!

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