3 Ways You’re Decreasing Your Trade-in Value

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It’s an unavoidable fact of life that vehicles depreciate over time. The longer you drive your car, the more mileage and wear and tear it will incur. You might also have to face changes to the local market, including basic supply and demand.

Understanding these facts, it’s important to control what you can to increase your chances of securing a great deal. Ordinary things you might be doing that decrease your vehicle’s trade-in value include:

1. Ignoring Routine Maintenance & Repairs

Oil changes, brake inspections, and transmission flushes are all simple ways to keep your vehicle’s internal system in great shape. A vehicle history report will keep tabs on every bit of maintenance, making it easier for our appraisers to assess your vehicle’s overall quality.

Dashboard warning lights, leaky underbodies, and noisy engines are often red flags. So, it’s a smart idea to have a certified mechanic take care of them before your vehicle’s official inspection. Doing so can often end up adding significant value. Additional areas you might want to inspect:

  • Tire quality
  • Emissions system
  • Exterior/interior lighting system

2. Making Aftermarket Modifications

Think attaching a rear spoiler gives your car serious street cred? Make sure it doesn’t also permanently alter your vehicle’s value. While personalizing your car, truck, or SUV is one of the joys of car ownership, keeping alterations to a minimum is typically the right move.

Expensive sound systems and deep-tinted windows also tend to have diminished returns. So, unless you intend to keep your vehicle for many years, give serious thought to how much stylization you plan to make.

3. Racking Up the Odometer

If you’re the type of driver who considers their vehicle a second home, paying attention to the annual mileage is important. Once your vehicle surpasses the 100,000-mile mark, major engine components will start needing to be replaced. You also might start to see fading and minor scratches to the exterior.

To avoid taking a big financial hit, plan to trade in your vehicle before it surpasses this milestone. If your vehicle is well beyond the 100,000-mile mark, don’t fret: If your vehicle is in great condition, it’s still possible to receive an attractive offer.

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